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Creative Phase, Web Design, Edinburgh

12 Aug

I’ve come across another dodgy business run by Roger Wallace and Wallace industries Ltd

Creative Phase website  –  claims their office is based in Edinburgh, on 34 St. Andrew Square, EH2 2AD. I found out that this address is actually of Harvey Nichols, a luxury department store.

There’s a portfolio on the website and I believe that most of the companies listed there are fake including 2 other businesses run by Roger Wallace.

The main picture used on the Creative Phase website, twitter and facebook was stolen from  Squint Opera, a Creative Media Company based in London.

Creative Phase is listed on Free Index  and the funny thing is that “Matthew Davies“,  the same guy that sold me the laptop, works for this company. Just to remind you, Matthew Davies doesn’t actually existis. He’s a creation of  Roger Wallace.

The review left on the website was sent from the same computer that created the listings.  (see pic below)

Creative Phase, Scotland

Creative Phase webdesign scotlandCreative Phase webdesign scotland


How I Got Scammed By Roger Wallace & Wallace Industries, Perth

29 Jun

Below is a day-by-day account of my dealings with Wallace Industries so everyone can have a clear understanding of the fraud and  get familiar with how Roger Wallace from Perth operates.

TUESDAY, 31st MAY 11

After seen an online advert on gumtree of the lasted Macbook pro 17”, I rang  the 01738 248149 number for Wallace Industries and spoke to “Matthew Davies”. We talked about payment procedures and delivery.

On the same day around 12pm, an invoice was sent through to my email by “Melissa Morris”, from a Wallace Industries email address. I made a BACs a hour later to the bank account stated on the invoice.

Nationwide takes up to 5 working days to complete transactions above £1000 so I knew the laptop wouldn’t be dispatched before 7th June.


I received an email from “Matthew Davies” saying that the payment had been received and the item would be released for delivery on that day and a tracking number would be provided.


I didn’t receive any tracking number. I emailed Matthew and he replied he didn’t have time to dispatch the item and he was going to send it in the afternoon and email the tracking number.


No tracking number yet.

I did a search on google and found an article that the police probed Roger Wallace, referred to as “Roger the Dodger”over IPads adverts on website. http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/2011/04/24/police-probe-roger-the-dodger-over-ipad-adverts-on-website-86908-23083946/

I rang Wallace Industries Ltd around 9.30 am and left a voice email.

I reported the case to the local police around 10am

‘Matthew Davies’ emailed me a tracking number @ 11.30am


I went on holiday and while I was abroad I kept checking the Track and Trace Royal Mail webpage for confirmation of delivery.


I called Wallace Industries Ltd. “Matthew” wasn’t available and I spoke to “Craig”.  He claimed that he was told by Royal Mail that there was an attempted delivery but there was no-one in the building to sign for the parcel. I told him that would be unlikely as the delivery address had a 24 hour reception and no card was left by Royal Mail to re-arrange the delivery. “Craig” said I was accusing him of lying and he was going cancel the transaction. I was instructed by him to email “Melissa Morris” my banking details so the refund could be made.

I called Royal Mail and they said there was no attempted delivery as it would be shown on the Track and Trace Royal Mail Page.

I emailed “Melissa Morris” and I received an out-of-office message that she was in the office in US. I have never spoken to Melissa Morris or any female at Wallace Industries, and can not be sure that “Craig” was not Roger Wallace.

I tried to call “Craig” again but there was no answer.


I called Wallace Industries Ltd. Craig said he didn’t receive any email from me.

I received a call from Tayside Police in the evening and I was told that Roger Wallace runs his company from his bedroom by himself and he is a fantasist. He doesn’t have anyone working for him, nor does he have a company in US. Matthew, Craig and Mellissa were very likely to be Roger Wallace. An investigation was taking place

At 21.46  I received a call from an unknown number and it was Roger Wallace. He said I would receive an email from him next day with a refund confirmation as well his personal phone number.

21ST AND 22ND JUNE 2011

I sent a couple of emails asking for the refund confirmation to the only email addresses I had – Melissa Morris and Matthew Davies. No reply.


With help from someone, we called Roger Wallace.  We were told the refund was made on Monday evening and it could take up to 5 working days to be credited into my account.  We asked for a screenshot or for a proof of the refund.  Roger Wallace ask to call back next day and speak to accounts.


We phoned Roger Wallace again but stated that everyone in the accounts team was on lunch and he guaranteed that the money had been refunded on Monday evening.

SATURDAY, 25TH JUNE 2011    

I received a phone call at 8.00am from an unknown number. It was a manager of a hotel in Perth asking what my connection with Roger Wallace was.

According to the manager, Roger Wallace checked in to the hotel on Monday evening of 20th, called my number, had food and drinks and left without paying the bill.

28TH JUNE 2011  

No money has been credited to my account yet. We called all the numbers for Roger Wallace and Wallace Industries but there was no answer.

30TH JUNE 2011 

I received a text from one of Roger Wallace’s mobile phones talking about a meeting with ‘Dave’. This may have been sent in error.

I text Roger Wallace back asking about my refund. He replied saying that he was in meetings all day and to call after 6 and he will look at it.  Tried to call. No answer. Roger Wallace did not call me at 6 as promised.

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