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Creative Phase, Web Design, Edinburgh

12 Aug

I’ve come across another dodgy business run by Roger Wallace and Wallace industries Ltd

Creative Phase website  –  claims their office is based in Edinburgh, on 34 St. Andrew Square, EH2 2AD. I found out that this address is actually of Harvey Nichols, a luxury department store.

There’s a portfolio on the website and I believe that most of the companies listed there are fake including 2 other businesses run by Roger Wallace.

The main picture used on the Creative Phase website, twitter and facebook was stolen from  Squint Opera, a Creative Media Company based in London.

Creative Phase is listed on Free Index  and the funny thing is that “Matthew Davies“,  the same guy that sold me the laptop, works for this company. Just to remind you, Matthew Davies doesn’t actually existis. He’s a creation of  Roger Wallace.

The review left on the website was sent from the same computer that created the listings.  (see pic below)

Creative Phase, Scotland

Creative Phase webdesign scotlandCreative Phase webdesign scotland

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